Introductions and Memes

Since this is a new blog, and we’ve still got a week before the challenge starts, AND I’m starting fresh, I figure it might be good to have a bit of an introductory post.

I am a mid-30s freelancer, who has been ignoring her creative side in favor of paying the bills for most of her adult life.


This cat loves to eat even if she doesn’t care about how food appears.

I live in Brooklyn, NY, along with what often feels like thousands of other mid-30s writing women. I have two ridiculous cats (one pictured above) that I post many pictures of on Twitter and Instagram, and a boyfriend who helps make sure that I eat food and sleep and go outside occasionally. I also have a great love for video games and popular nerd culture even with all the accompanying problems of being a woman who likes these things.

I also happen to be a voracious book worm, and read a lot, focusing mostly on genre fiction and science nonfiction. I have the book reading version of a hollow leg, I swear.


Enter the library to return 3 books, leave the library with 10 new books.

On the writing side of things, I’ve been a participant of National Novel Writing Month fairly consistently for the past 12 years, and have been an organizer of events and helper of organizers of events for the challenge for around a decade. I’ve also had a few nonfiction articles pop up, usually involving video games and the complexities of that as an entertainment.

Most of my fiction writing has been focused on playing within fantasy and science fiction, and trying to find my writing style and what I want to write about. Also there’s been a lot of “I’m not good enough” going on there as well, so that’s one of the things I’m going to talk about in this blog along with all the other little bits that come up in trying to write fiction for really real.

So, that’s a very, very brief sketch of me and what I’m about. I’m glad you’re on this journey with me!


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