Daydreaming about spaaaaace

I’ve only got a couple of days before this challenge starts, and I may be having a bit of a “what was I thinking?!?!?” moment over here.

Regardless, I’m girding myself and will be posting on the regular throughout April… while also participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for April. Woo all the words!

Anywho, you now know a little bit about me with regard to my writing, but there’s always so much more to talk about. So hmmmmm, what shall I write about next here?  What about what I’m working on right now? Yeah, let’s talk about that.

So, I have a couple of things in the fire, (retellings of Alice in Wonderland and Tam Lin, a fantasy about a family and their ancestral home, and a ghost story set on the moon) but my main focus, right this instant, is on a space opera. This fun bit of adventure has a bit of romance going on, and a bit of social commentary going on, along with the pew-pew lasers and space ships and interplanetary travel. I have a cyborg ship captain as the main protagonist, a love interest who is contracted to kill her, a batch of supporting characters, crafty antagonists who think they are the heroes of the story, and societal pressures against the romance happening… beyond just the contracted to kill part.

There are a bunch of things that I’m thinking about and working on with this novel. For example:

  • How can I set up a space faring civilization that makes sense without just info-dumping everywhere?
  • Are my antagonists and conflicts believable, or are they paper thin?
  • What kind of space travel am I using?
    • How does the type of space travel affect the pacing of events?
  • What do my main protagonist’s cybernetic body parts mean in the larger picture?
    • How do they affect how she lives her life, and how she thinks about things if at all?

And so on and so forth, on and on and on. This is all in addition to having characters that talk back on the page occasionally, and making sure I have a cohesive and satisfying story. I swear it’s fun!

And with that all on my mind and all these ideas whirling in my brain, I should go and get some more writing done before my simultaneous challenges take over!



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