G is for Goals! #atozchallenge

We’re at G! So we’re talking about one of those awesome things that keeps us all going… GOALS! Touchdown! Wait. No. I mean, personal goals! Those! Less of the beefcakes running around in layers of padding and tight pants. Back to writing!

Currently I have several goals writing-wise. But my biggest goal is to level up my writing abilities and process, and finish my novel with edits and revisions. I do want to query an agent and seek publication of my novel, but baby steps, right?

With goals, it’s always good to have a bit of a plan to reach them, right?  Well, that’s part of what this blog series is about. With writing each of these posts, I’m reminding myself of why I’m doing this. Why I’m sitting down and writing this novel. Since each of these things that I’ve touched on have to do with what I’m thinking about in my process, I’m giving myself a little kick in the pants. And each day, I’m putting some time into the story and working out issues, filling in missing scenes, and revising my outline as I go. Outlines will come up in a couple weeks, and I’ll definitely end up talking about what I’ve learned about outlines so far as a former non-outlining writer.

Having writing as a major goal this year has changed a lot of my process with my day-to-day work. I have a day gig for sure, which takes up a good 40 hours a week for paying bills. And I have a strong video game, television, and social media habit that I have to keep under control. Although I enjoy all of those things, writing is taking a bit more of a priority these days after the day gig, and I’m trying to use everything else as a reward.

What goals do you have right now that you’re trying to hit? What’s keeping you focused on that goal?


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  1. artistpath says:

    Trying to survive the A to Z Blogging Challenge!

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    1. Clarice says:

      Same! Oh I have so much more writing to do for it. Haha.


  2. Alexis says:

    Samesies. Trying to make progress on writing projects during Camp NaNo and get through this blog challenge!

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