I is for Inspiration and Ideas #atozchallenge


Let’s talk about all the fun of Inspiration and Ideas! These two are inextricably linked in my mind because often my inspirations are the seed and fertilizer for my ideas. And often my ideas keep me inspired through the writing process if I can keep those ideas in mind.

The novel I’m working on right now was inspired by listening to a podcast interview with Rachel Aaron in which she described her Paradox trilogy (written under Rachel Bach) as a space opera with kissing. It was this moment where the world slowed down and I thought “That is the sort of thing that I really want to write!” Some other elements popped in to give me a kick in the pants, and I ran with it for about 65 thousand words.

Another story I’ve written some words for was inspired by reading an article about people who do untangling for knitters and weavers. I suddenly found myself asking what if untangling was more than just untangling yarn or threads. What if it was untangling of something vital to a culture and what kind of society would that be like?

How do I keep track of all of my ideas and inspirations? I have an idea file. Currently, it’s a google drive folder full of documents with lots of different ideas in there. I regularly peruse it when I’m hunting for something to work on, or just need a kick in the pants to get writing. I’ve heard the advice that if an idea doesn’t stick around long enough for you to write the actual story, it’s not worth writing. Maybe that’s true, but for me the act of writing down my ideas is a great opportunity to play with it a little and see if it’s got any depth to it as early as possible. I also have started creating Pinterest boards for different projects. One is pretty much full of every spaceship picture I could find. Using these boards helps me to get into what kind of story I’m telling, and helps me to keep consistent ideas of my characters, settings and the mood of the story.

What inspires you to write or do whatever you’re passionate about? How do you keep track of the ideas you’ve come up with or do you not keep track of your ideas? And how do you keep inspired to keep writing or doing what you love? 


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  1. Adorable click 🙂
    To write, I read more

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    1. Clarice says:

      Thanks! Reading is definitely important. Although I may do too much of it and not enough writing.

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  2. artistpath says:

    Great topic! I keep a notebook handy for ideas and have Pinterest boards too! You never know where inspiration is going to come from

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    1. Clarice says:

      Nice! I have so many notebooks with scraps of ideas in them that I’d not have with me when I had an idea, so I’ve moved to digital for that reason. Used to be an endless email to myself, but then I decided to go ahead and have a folder.

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  3. I also write my ideas, in Evernote. I believe it also helps me. I love pinterest! I literally see my inspiration everyday…my dogs. Since my writing is pet focused, and initially inspired by them, it is easy to keep going.

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    1. Clarice says:

      I hear good things about Evernote! Also, love that you have your inspiration right there, and probably pestering you or making sure you know that they’re there regularly. Heh.


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