J is for Just Write Already! #atozchallenge

We’ve made it to J, and to be honest, I had a bunch of “what the heck starts with J that I can write about?” moments. After playing with jargon and jokes and jumping-jacks… I realized that I just needed to write already. I dislike the word “just” in most of the ways it appears, but in this case, it is very appropriate. So that’s my theme for today. Just Write Already!

With all of these ideas and trends and tips and terms I’ve been talking about, the main thing that is necessary to be a writer is the actual act of writing. Fiction writing, at its most basic, is the act of making up a story and writing it down. Getting to that writing it down part can sometimes be difficult. Muses are usually absentee, and cannot be relied on for consistent writing to happen. Waiting for inspiration is lovely, but seems like a fickle way to get things done. What if inspiration was needed for something like doing the dishes or loading the dishwasher? The piles of dirty dishes would be incredible! At least in my house.

Personally, I sometimes find it difficult to get into a writing habit or groove. Sometimes it’s that I just don’t have time for whatever reason, sometimes I just get bogged down with a lot of what-ifs and fear. Sometimes it’s that something is not quite right about where I am or what is happening for me to get writing. So… I experiment to see what gets me in the mode. Sometimes it’s particular music, or starting off with a cup of coffee or tea. Or maybe it’s sitting at a particular table in a café. Or sitting in a particular spot in my apartment. It’s one of those things that has not been consistent, and it has been entirely frustrating.

This is something I’m continually working on. I try not to be judgmental about whether or not I’m writing, but instead focus that energy on figuring out why I’m not writing.

How do you get yourself into writing or doing what you love? And do you ever have problems focusing?


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  1. Jeremy says:

    Focus isn’t a problem for me…IF I JUST START! Since I had to stop writing in November, almost all my free time has been spent reading about the craft, self publishing, marketing, etc. But objects at rest tend to stay at rest, so I’m thankful you introduced me to the A to Z Challenge, because it’s making me write something, however little, every day.

    As for what’s working for me, I am now a member of a co-working space in Gowanus. I feel compelled to go because I’m paying for it, and when I’m there I feel compelled to work because that’s what everyone else is doing. I frequently don’t even turn on my laptop’s Wi-Fi.

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    1. Clarice says:

      Seriously. Starting is my problem… but also sticking with it. Love the co-working space use! That’s great!


  2. artistpath says:

    I never know where inspiration will come from so I carry a little notebook.

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    1. Clarice says:



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