M is for Mood, Motivation, and Moving #atozchallenge


I was doing so well and then I lost a couple days there. But, I’m going to just get back on the horse and catch up. So for M, I’m going to talk about Mood. When mood and writing comes up, I think of two things: the mood to write and the mood you’re conveying in your story. In this case, the mood to write is really on my radar.

Thursday evening, I stared at my possible blog topics and just sighed. My brain got on a roll telling me that there was nothing left and I’d used all the possible words in my head already this month. Not the case, at all, but sometimes my brain gets in the way of my goals. Friday dawned and I sat down to write, and still nothing was coming out. I was stuck, and I had work deadlines, and I was scheduled to go look at apartments as I’m moving next month. Friday evening came and went, and no new post had magically appeared. Saturday morning arrived and I was off again, looking at apartments, and my brain was full of lists of all the pros and cons of each possible future home. Saturday evening came and went, and I was now two posts behind.

Usually at this point, when I get behind on any scheduled challenge, my mood to do that thing plummets. Once I feel like I’m super behind on whatever goal I had, and everything in my life seems to be setting up to keep me from doing that thing… it’s tough! But, I decided that this was my motivation to get back to it and write up a blog post. I have to keep going, and although this is two days late, the “gotta keep writing” has motivated me to sit down and write about not being able to write.

So, maybe at some point I’ll talk about mood in writing, but this time it’s all about mood to write and how terribly arbitrary and whimsical that feeling can be. I think for me, instead of relying on mood, motivation is better. I have to find a reason and use that to kick myself into gear.

What about you? What gets you in gear with your goals? A particular reason? Or is your mood more reliable than mine is?


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  1. artistpath says:

    I’m an obsessive planner lol. Trying to keep a week ahead for the A to Z challenge! Enjoyed your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Clarice says:

      Heh. Yeah, I was a week ahead for a while there, but then got stuck. Am going to catch back up in the next couple days and hopefully keep going!


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