N is for Necessary and Unnecessary Evils #atozchallenge


Ah N… I’m still a little behind, but catching up! I thought about N for NaNoWriMo, but I honestly talk about it so much that maybe talking about something tangentially related would be better! Let’s instead talk about Necessary and Unnecessary Evils.

By Necessary and Unnecessary Evils, I mean the things you have to let slide in order to focus on getting that writing done and the things that distract from your writing and how to get around them. What do you do every day instead of writing, or whatever your main project is, that isn’t really something you absolutely have to do right then? Housework can be a big one. Letting the dishes pile up just a little bit probably won’t kill you or anyone around you. Or maybe you spend time watching TV. TV is totally fine, but it’s important to make sure watching it is an actual relaxation time and not a guilty “why am I not writing?” time. Or maybe video games are a thing you like to do. Making that a reward for writing is very useful.

My biggest not-writing thing is browsing the internet and social media. I can easily spend hours lost in other people’s lives. And while it often becomes a guilty pleasure, I know that I can and should spend less time on it. One thing that I’ve done to help track my time is install the RescueTime app on my computer. It checks to see what I’m doing with my computer and compiles the data on a dashboard for me. Finding out that I spent hours on Facebook is a good deterrent for me. Maybe it wouldn’t be for everyone, but try out various things to see what helps you focus on your writing instead of things that you haven’t done.

Do you have some particular trick to focusing on your work? Or is there something that is very distracting that you’re working on getting past?


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  1. artistpath says:

    I love NaNoWriMo too! … Oh and Pinterest!

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    1. Clarice says:

      NaNoWriMo is a favorite! It’s kept me writing and helped me meet a lot of other amazing writerly people.

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